The Cry of the Knight (Infraworld 2011)

I see deserted valleys, I imagine grey waters

And I see your face, in the frozen northern wind

Your destiny without mine, not knowing.

Nothing has any more sense, or evidence

Here by owe of honor, you just may live

What is your only weakness.


Over there I hear your cries

Their echoes burn in my heart

Waiting silently for the night

Suffering from your absence.


Your combats don't seem so real

Neither hate nor passion you feel

You who for a king, abandon for the right thing

The only force that keep you living


Over there sound your cries

Their echoes break down my heart

Silently waiting for the night

In the cold keeping in mind...


One day your tears will dry

Forever you'll have my heart

Waiting for the end of night, 

Finally the sun rises!




Space of Dilemma (Infraworld 2011)

In the space of my lost mind, forgetting the universe,

I wander to fight my fears, and my deepest sadness.

I fill the uncertainty in my life, then silence fills my soul.

How in this theater could I, restore my hope and faith?

You burn on my broken dreams and make me disappear,

But my life should just be weal and here is the great dilemma




I'm dead if I can't find in my heart my illusions of freedom

And my seven fears

I'm overwhelmed by the space of dilemma, 

But I will not comply with it.


Fears and doubts fill up my mind, in every choice of my life

Loneliness and despair come over me, when my options are bad

There's no peace nor light in this dark space of dilemma,

All my choices make me weak but it won't have my decisions




Then I feel depressed and have, no more taste for present life

Suggestible and vulnerable, I live vicariously

In my fantasies trapped in this space of dilemma

One day I'll be delivered and it won't take me anymore



The Quest (Infraworld 2011)

In the rambling of my mind, dreams, visions or reality

Fanciful horizons, so many questions, so many doubts

I look for answers, some directions, where should I go

I carry on my quest, keeping my illusions, just my illusions


My mind wanders, gets confused, I write sentences, 

Searching for my words how to find him, where is he?

Outside or inside of me, despite my doubts and my fears, 

He will not let me fall and in a final hope, I listen to my heart.


In the silence of emptiness, I can feel his breath, 

Searching for my torments how to find him, where is he?

I dream and imagine that behind the door

He's waiting patiently so that finally I can let him in.





The Sundial (Infraworld 2011)

Here come the first lights of dawn

The shade appears on the stone

Another day which announces

Joy, tears and hidden wishes


How can I enjoy this time

Make this entire day mine?

No more waste and no more regrets, 

At the top of all my secrets




Tell me how I could win the race?

The clock of my life is always the best!


A look on the past day

I lived on the same way

The shade of the dial is dead

It's time for me to lay my head